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28th January 2019  Content supplied by: 3M Food Safety

3M™ Petrifilm™ Rapid E. coli/Coliform Count Plate Gains OMA Validation

The 3M™ Petrifilm™ Rapid E. coli/Coliform Count Plate has been granted the Official Methods of AnalysisSM (OMA method number 2018.13) validation by AOAC® INTERNATIONAL as well as earning a Certificate of Compliance from MicroVal.

The plate, which had previously earned the AOAC® Performance Tested MethodSM certification as well, is a next day indicator test that quantifies the presence of E. coli and other coliform bacteria. 3M introduced the two-in-one indicator test in February 2018 as a versatile microbial test that enables food and beverage processors to realize greater operational efficiencies and ship products sooner.

The 3M Petrifilm Rapid E. coli/Coliform Count Plate provides a marked improvement in attaining actionable time-to-result over competitive technologies by requiring only three simple steps: inoculation, incubation and interpretation. By eliminating subsequent confirmation steps required with most traditional reference methods and enabling a simultaneous dual readout, the plate increases productivity and reduces overall lab costs.

The approval process for becoming an Official Method involves intense review by multiple, independent laboratories and subsequently by an expert review panel. The full study conducted for the AOAC® Official Method of Analysis validation of the 3M Petrifilm Rapid E. coli/Coliform Count Plate will be published in an upcoming edition of the Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL and will be made available online at

MicroVal Certification

The 3M Petrifilm Rapid E. coli/Coliform Count Plate also recently earned a Certificate of Compliance (Certificate Number 2017LR76) from MicroVal, ISO 16140-2. MicroVal tested the release on a wide variety of matrices and also found that the product was equivalent or better than a standard reference method.

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Date Published: 28th January 2019

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