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10th December 2019  Product update: rapidmicrobiology staff writer

'Track and Trace' Starter Kit for Food Samples

1950_ziath_trackfoodsamplesZiath has launched a competitively priced starter kit for organizations involved in food research, production and testing to keep track of samples to help improve food safety. The new starter kit combines top-quality 2D coded sample storage tubes, 48-position SBS format tube racks and a high-performance single tube 2D barcode scanner. Also included within this package is the Ziath Samples™ sample management software which allows you to organize your food sample inventory, making setting up a traceable record of food samples very straightforward.

Reflecting the threat of foodborne illnesses and product recalls, food safety is an issue of significant and growing importance to consumers, food manufacturers and research laboratories. Increasingly legislative bodies around the world are pushing for handlers along the entire food supply chain to put in place food 'track and trace' provisions to prevent catastrophic harm to the health of consumers and avoid food safety related disruption and economic loss to the food industry.

The Ziath 'Track and Trace' starter kit contains everything needed to set up and maintain an enhanced food sample integrity, tracking and audit trail.

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Date Published: 10th December 2019

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