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21st February 2017  Content supplied by: Charm Sciences Inc.

3-Minute Test Detects Beta-lactams, Sulfa Drugs, and Tetracyclines in Milk

lateral flow test for antibiotics in milkThe Charm TRIO test which detects beta-lactams, sulfonamide drugs, and tetracyclines in raw commingled milk at or below Canadian Maximum Residue Limits and US Tolerance/Target Levels in 3 minutes, now has AOAC Performance Tested MethodsSM (PTM) certification 121601.

“The TRIO test is the first multiplex assay validated by AOAC Research Institute (AOAC-RI) for three families of antibiotics,” said Bob Salter, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs for Charm Sciences. “The TRIO test is widely used in milk production, on farms, milk trucks, in dairy manufacturing, and in milk testing laboratories, due to speed, ease of use and broad detection ranges. Dairy stakeholders are increasingly interested in validating proper medicinal use in animal treatment and in assuring residue-free milk production beyond the most commonly used beta-lactam antibiotics. This validates a tool that casts a wider net in milk quality and production control that reduces time and complexity.”

The Charm TRIO test is a lateral flow strip that detects three antibiotic families. It uses patented technology to target drug sensitivities at regulatory levels, which prevents unnecessary rejection of milk caused by overly sensitive screening tests. Results may be obtained using the Charm EZ system, an incubator and reader in one compact unit. Data can be transferred via Ethernet connection to network systems for full traceability with auto-alerts when positive loads are detected.

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Date Published: 21st February 2017

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