Sino Biological Recombinant Omicron BA5 and BA4 Antigens

Microbiology News: microbiome, May 2022

CD Genomics recently announced the launch of Nanopore-Based Microbial Epigenomics Solutions to detect more types of DNA modifications. more...

Antigens for Epstein-Barr Virus Antibody Tests

24 May 2022 | ClinicalPharmaceuticalMicrobiome

Creative Diagnostics recently launched recombinant antigens p18 and p23 (viral capsid antigens, VCA), p54 and p138 (early antigens, EA) and EBNA1 (nuclear antigen, EBNA). Suitable for the detection of IgG and IgM antibodies against EBV in blood samples. more...

Infectious Disease Research: Reproducible Results Require Proper Pipetting - Podcast

11 May 2022 | Food & BeverageWaterClinicalLaboratory EquipmentPharmaceuticalVeterinaryCosmetic/Personal CareMicrobiome

Learn to Use Pipette Correctly at Sartorius Pipette Academy
In this podcast episode, our guests from Sartorius give advice on correct pipetting techniques that will avoid cell damage and reproducibility errors. more...