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31st May 2022  Content supplied by: 

MicrobioSeq Releases Nanopore-Based Microbial Epigenomics Solutions

MicrobioSeq is the microbial genomics division of CD Genomics, committed to delivering comprehensive microbial solutions to human health, agriculture, the environment, and industry by characterizing microbiomes and leveraging microorganisms. The company recently announced the launch of Nanopore-Based Microbial Epigenomics Solutions to detect more types of DNA modifications.

Epigenetic modifications play important roles in gene expression and regulation and are involved in numerous cellular processes such as development, cell differentiation and tumorigenesis. Nanopore-based microbial epigenomics analysis can provide new insights into some exciting fields of epigenetics research, including simultaneous detection of DNA/RNA base modifications and nucleotide sequences, the complete characterization of long non-coding RNA (lncRNA), and comprehensive elucidation of chromatin capture.

“Nanopore-based epigenomics allows for simultaneous detection of DNA or RNA sequence, base modifications, and more comprehensive chromatin capture studies. We use powerful metaepigenomics, a powerful approach, to identify vastly unexplored microbial DNA methylation systems,” said the chief scientist of CD Genomics.

Nanopore-based epigenomics analysis can detect more types of DNA modifications, such as N6-methyladenine (m6A), 5-methylcytosine (m5C), and N4-methylcytosine (m4C) motifs. The roles of methylation in regulating gene expression, virulence, and pathogen-host interactions can also be understood using this analysis. As sets of methylated motifs and MTases can vary widely, even between closely related microbial strains, nanopore-based epigenomics analysis is expected to enable differential methylation analyses between microbial populations.

Advantages of CD Genomics’s nanopore-based microbial epigenomics solutions:

  • Nanopore-based epigenomics analysis can directly sequence the native strand of interest without amplification or optics amplification.
  • Rapid insight into samples, on-demand sequencing and custom workflows by real-time streaming of sequence data.
  • It provides comprehensive and reliable genome-wide information regarding DNA methylation.

CD Genomics is equipped with Illumina Hiseq/Miseq, PacBio Sequel, Oxford MinIONTM, Oxford GridIONTM, PCR-DGGE (PCR-denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis), real-time qPCR, clone library and other platforms. The company is committed to guaranteeing an accurate and thorough microbiological profiling and sophisticated bioinformatics analysis pipeline with standardized laboratory methodologies based on these platforms.

“Through years of hard work, CD Genomics has become a leading supplier of microbial solutions for research institutions and biological companies. Our microbial epigenomics solutions help complete the simultaneous detection of DNA/RNA base modifications and nucleotide sequences, and provide a comprehensive and reliable genome-wide information regarding DNA methylation,” he further added.

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Date Published: 31st May 2022

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