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Microbiology News: food-beverage, Sep 2022

Rapid Microbial Testing Dairy and Beverages
Simplify the microbial testing of dairy and beverage products with a rapid screening method, using the Innovate System and RapiScreen™ kits. Get quantitative results in 24-48 hours, allowing you to release product sooner, positively impacting your bottom line. more...

Neogen®'s Guide to Food Microbiology Testing

27 Sep 2022 | Food & Beverage

Download NEOGENs Guide to Food Microbiology
Our convenient guide presents ISO standard workflows and Neogen® alternative method workflows side by side. Containing 50+ workflows and covering 18 microorganisms, the guide also includes ISO 16140-3 verification workflows. Get your free copy here. more...
Listeria test for food contact surfaces
SwabSURE ListeriaP offers easy to use and easy to read chromogenic detection of pathogenic Listeria from food contact and other environmental surfaces. Campden BRI validated, ISO 18593 compliant, all reagents are ready-to-use with neutralising buffer included. more...
Colonies on an Agar Plate
Bio-Rad’s RAPID'E.coli ™2 Agar for water testing has received approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for testing treated and untreated drinking water for Escherichia coli (E. coli) and total coliforms. more...
Legionella Testing Kit
Bio-Rad has received AFNOR validation for the iQ-Check Legionella Aquadien DNA extraction short protocols and Free DNA Removal Solution protocol according to ISO TS 12869 and NF T90-471. Learn more. more...

Materials and Reagents for Diagnostic Kit Developers - a rapidmicrobiology Special Focus

16 Sep 2022 | Food & BeverageWaterClinicalOtherPharmaceutical

Sino Biological RSV reagents
The COVID-19 pandemic has driven super fast development of diagnostic kits, having the highest quality raw materials is essential for producing robust molecular and immunoassays, browse through these suppliers who are able to deliver antigens, antibodies, consultancy and OEM manufacture. more...

New Client Account Platform for Advertisers on rapidmicrobiology

15 Sep 2022 | Food & BeverageWaterOtherPharmaceuticalMicrobiome

Client Accounts on rapidmicrobiology
Companies with advertising packages on rapidmicrobiology are now able to add their own news articles directly to the rapidmicrobiology website and get their latest site metrics to check their ROI. more...
Hygiena Food Safety
When implementing a food safety program, it is essential to consider the entire food supply chain. Testing is done at each processing step to identify potential contamination, whether allergens, pathogens or spoilage organisms. Learn how Hygiena® can support you at each step of the process. more...
GENE-UP® PRO ACB offers the juice industry a truly predictive spoilage assay to reduce time-to-result and allow juice and concentrate manufacturers to release product faster with the confidence it will retain the taste your consumers expect. more...
Thermo Fisher Products
At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we enable QC teams to operate more efficiently by providing an innovative range of laboratory products for fast, accurate and reliable data collection. You can learn more through watching our animation, and downloading our product brochure. more...
iNLABTEC Serial Diluter
Still using test-tubes for serial dilutions? Think again, the iNLABTEC automatic serial dilutor is a solution to supply chain issues and increased costs. Discover how much your lab could save with this innovative solution to serial dilution preparation. more...

Validair Diamond Scientific Installs New Cleanroom for In-house Testing, Research & Training

02 Sep 2022 | Food & BeverageClinicalLaboratory EquipmentPharmaceutical

VDS Cleanroom
Various operating parameters of the cleanroom’s control system can be set to underperform, which will make the room fail. Allowing field service teams to experience challenging real-life situations of failing cleanrooms. more...

Picus 2 Pipette

bioMerieux European Dairy Quality Conference

Cherwell Are you ready for Annex 1 guide

Interscience ScanStation automatic colony counting

Pharma Microbiology Congress 2023

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