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Unique 3 inch/76 mm Swab Range Makes Transportation Easier

Technical Service Consultants Ltd manufacture a specialised range of 3 inch [76mm] plastic shafted swabs with Cotton tips. The shaft of the swab is Polystyrene which gives the end user the option to snap or break during analysis. The swab fits snugly into its 3 inch tube and because of its unique size can be fitted into containers which makes it ideal for transportation between both internal and external laboratories.

The swabs are available in both Dry and Transport Swab form. The product is available in both Amies Clear and with Amies Charcoal media which is ideal for the collection of clinical specimens including the recovery of aerobic, anaerobic and fastidious microorganisms
The 3 Inch Dry swab version can be purchased in a box size of 500 as well as in a bulk pack of 5000 consisting of sealed sterile mini grip bags.

The product is popular in the clinical sector as well as for veterinary and pharmaceutical use.

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Posted on July 4, 2008