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New Autoclave has Enhanced Service Support

The recent addition of TACTROL ZERO to the Q63 autoclaves represents a significant up-grade, enhancing the service support facility to ensure customers maximise the effectiveness of Priorclave steam sterilisers throughout their life.

The proven build quality and reliability together with the new development is expected to make the Q63 Europe's most sought after autoclave, a mid-range capacity steam steriliser with a large horizontal, double-depth cylindrical chamber. The chamber, with a taller profile than that found in most 'cylindrical' machines, gives the Q63 an impressive load capacity of 320 litres and makes it ideal for accepting larger items.

Although it provides for increased loading, the combination of forced air cooling reduces cycle times and automatic timed free-steaming improves air removal and sterilisation adding to the overall performance of the Q63 autoclave. Couple this with the proven TACTROL microprocessor control system and buyers are acquiring an extremely versatile autoclave with an exceptionally low cost of ownership. Now with the addition of TACTROL ZERO, users can forward operational data direct to the company's UK Service Centre in South London for assistance in fine-tuning and clarification of performance if required.

Priorclave, a household name within the laboratory autoclave market, has developed and manufactures an impressive range of bench-top and free-standing machines, products that have become synonymous with quality, reliability and delivering highly efficient autoclaving processes that produce consistent performance.

In addition to standard ranges this UK Company also undertakes the total design and manufacture of bespoke autoclaves and it was through this special build facility it become apparent there was a need for higher capacity machines without resorting to the purchase of the more expensive extra-high capacity rectangular chamber machine.

The Q63 with its 320 litre capacity and operation parameters up to 140ºC and 2.5 bar has now become part of the Priorclave standard autoclave range. The front-loading design gives easy access to the large 630mm diameter pressure vessel which is fitted with two non-tipping shelves. And depending on operational requirements they are available in models that can be heated either electrically or by direct steam.

Throughout the steam sterilisation process the TACTROL programming panel displays cycle status with digital readouts of temperature and time.

All models in the Q63 range are castor mounted for ease of positioning and come with a choice of optional items such as stainless steel baskets, waste containers and loading trolleys, all designed to enhance the efficiency of the operation.

Since the machines operate at elevated temperatures and pressures all autoclaves leaving Priorclave's manufacturing base undergo thorough cyclic testing. The company also provides a repair and re-calibration service for most autoclave brands.

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Posted on July 27, 2011