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A Step Forward in Respiratory Virus Detection

Microgen Bioproducts is releasing the new and unique D³ Ultra 8 direct fluorescent antibody assay (DFA) for the detection and identification of Influenza A, Influenza B, Parainfluenza 1, 2, and 3, Respiratory Syncytial virus, Adenovirus and Metapneumovirus, in a single 15 minute one-step protocol from either prepared direct specimens or from cell culture.

The addition of new antiviral drugs and the need to be more discriminating in the use of antibiotics has resulted in a need for a rapid, specific and cost-effective method for the detection of viral agents. The D³ Ultra 8 meets the requirements of modern viral diagnosis with the inclusion of a screening reagent, which determines the presence of any other above viral antigens also included are 8 individual DFA reagents for the identification of the specific virus. These are monoclonal antibody blends against a single respiratory virus.

The use of the D³ Ultra 8 allows a laboratory to screen and identify 8 clinically relevant respiratory viruses from direct specimen or cell culture in 15 minutes, allowing for improved patient care as the correct treatment can implemented faster, allowing patients to be discharged earlier with significant cost-savings.

Combine the D³ Ultra 8 with the mixed cell monolayers R-Mix™ and R-Mix Too™, which show an excellent utility when looking for a combination of respiratory viruses and eliminate the problems associated with conventional cell culture for a complete respiratory virus testing solution.

The unique DFA/IFA range includes:

  • D³ VZV Identification kit

  • D³ HSV Identification kit or identification and typing kit

  • D³ Enterovirus Identification kit

  • D³ MPV Identification kit

  • D³ Double Duet™ Respiratory Virus Screening & ID Kit

  • D³ Duet™ Influenza A/Resp Screening Kit

  • D³ Duet™ RSV/Resp Virus Screening Kit

Microgen Bioproducts also provides a number of cell lines for the isolation of viruses which include; SuperE-Mix ™, Hs27™, R-Mix™ and R-Mix Too™ and MRC-5.

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Duet™, SuperE-mix™, Hs27™, R-Mix™ and R-Mix Too™ are trademarks of Diagnostic Hybrids, Athens, Ohio, USA.

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Posted on December 8, 2008