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MicroBioLogics Now the Exclusive Provider of NCIMB Derived Reference Stock Cultures

NCIMB (National Collection of Industrial, Food and Marine Bacteria) have formed an exclusive partnership with MicroBioLogics, Inc. of St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA. This collaboration makes MicroBioLogics® the exclusive provider of biological materials derived from NCIMB original cultures for quality control of microbiology products, laboratory personnel and laboratory processes in clinical diagnostic, industrial microbiology and research laboratories around the world.

In turn, NCIMB is the first supplier to join the MicroBioLogics® License and Supply Program (LSP), a program that allows MicroBioLogics customers to choose from a broad selection of microorganisms derived from a variety of respected culture collections.

MicroBioLogics is committed to ensuring the authenticity and certified quality of the biological materials contained in their products; they are very pleased to have NCIMB as the first supplier to become a member of this program.

NCIMB and MicroBioLogics combine their quality system credentials to provide the end users with assurance of quality and traceability with decades of proven methods, technologies, certifications and worldwide customer acceptance. Also, this exclusive partnership with NCIMB will benefit MicroBioLogics customers worldwide through continued fast and efficient service and verifiable quality at a lower net cost and a higher net value.

MicroBioLogics has been producing and providing reference stock cultures for 26 years. "Our new exclusive agreement with NCIMB will provide alternative reference materials to our customers around the world," explains MicroBioLogics Chief Executive Officer, Robert C. Coborn. MicroBioLogics currently has over 12,000 registered customers in more than 100 counties. Mr. Coborn adds, "Our 125 distributor partners service all microbiology markets including water, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, consumer products, clinical, education and proficiency testing."

Dr. Peter Green, Curator of NCIMB states, "'NCIMB is a professional microbiology company. We have built and managed the largest industrial, marine and food culture collection in the UK since the 1950´s. In addition, we have provided a comprehensive range of commercial microbiology services to multiple companies in diverse industries since 1983. We produce a wide range of microorganisms for research, teaching and quality control purposes. We preserve and store microorganisms according to the high standards expected of a major international culture collection."

Dr. Green adds, "NCIMB now manages nearly 8,000 strains, many unique to us, and we are continuously expanding through the acquisition of private collections and new accessions." NCIMB is a member of CABRI (Common Access to Biological Resources and Information).

Mr. Coborn continues, "MicroBioLogics has been acquiring intellectual property licenses with internationally respected culture collections since May of 2005 with the intent of providing cost effective alternatives to sub-culturing and long term storage. Our lyophilization technology allows MicroBioLogics to lower the cost of biological samples to disposable one time usage. This allows the laboratory to concentrate on test results instead of expensive risk management and quality assurance validations required with in-house collections."

NCIMB Executive Director, Mr. Barry Philpott explains, "Science and business must unite to survive. We have many collaborations and each business partnership was created to meet the needs of specific science and business interests. We are very excited about this new agreement with MicroBioLogics."

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Posted on February 18, 2008

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