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Puritan Medical Introduces New Patent Pending Flocked Swab Technology

Puritan Medical Products Company has introduced a new line of high performance flocked products. The new HydraFlock ™ and UltraFlock™ swabs both offer superior absorption capabilities coupled with extremely rapid release performance.

Both products are patent pending in Europe, where the applications for both have been published - refer to application #: EP 2 263 548 A2 & EP 2 263 549 A2. Patent applications have also been filed in China, Japan, Canada, Australia, and the United States.

The development of these products is a direct result of Puritan's ongoing effort to meet the evolving needs of the diagnostic market, which has led to a rapid expansion of the company over the last two years.

'We've had to evolve and be diverse,' says Timothy Templet, Executive Vice President of Sales. 'Human diagnostic testing is a fast changing market, and we're making the commitment to stay at the forefront of this market.'

Puritan's unique proprietary process affords a combination of sophisticated fiber creation and innovative applications, yielding a specimen collection device with extremely high performance metrics. This is achieved without the addition of fiber treatments, resulting in a sample collection device that's totally free of interfering substances which can negatively affect the integrity of the swab.

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Posted on January 6, 2011