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Software Tool Enables Easy Pipette Management

INTEGRA has announced VIALINK - a new pipette management tool that allows users to simply create and manage custom programs, maintain a service history and transfer firmware upgrade details between VIAFLO electronic pipettes* and your PC.

VIALINK can be used to securely manage and productively organise all pipettes in your lab. Personnel can keep track of their VIAFLO pipettes using VIALINK to record user name, serial number, service history and latest software version installed.

Pipetting protocols can be set up as custom programs with VIALINK and then copied onto your VIAFLO pipettes. Users can create a program library which can hold an unlimited number of pipetting protocols. Up to 20 custom programs can then be stored on the pipette itself. With VIALINK, creating individual custom programs is both quick and easy.

Using VIALINK - important service information, such as date of last calibration or service, can be stored on the pipettes. This information cannot be deleted afterwards thereby guaranteeing an authentic service history.

Periodically as INTEGRA releases new firmware upgrades to enhance its electronic pipetting products with new and improved capabilities - VIALINK enables users to rapidly implement the upgrades on their VIAFLO pipettes.

To use VIALINK - VIAFLO single and multi-channel electronic pipettes require a programming stand which not only functions as connector to a PC but also serves as a handy charging stand. To use VIALINK with the VIAFLO 96 only a standard USB cable is required. VIALINK can be downloaded from the INTEGRA website.

For further information please contact INTEGRA on +41-81-286-9530 / (Europe / Asia Pacific) or +1-603-578-5800 / (North / South America).

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Posted on November 21, 2011