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New Agar Biplate for Economical Screening of Urine for E.coli

BluEcoli biplate Click here for morphology detail

Introducing the BluEcoli™ Urine Biplate from Hardy Diagnostics, a revolutionary new agar plate for economical screening of urine specimens for E.coli.

Inoculate both sides of this biplate with the urine specimen. If the infecting organism is E. coli, the colonies on the chromogenic side of the biplate will turn blue.³ Since 80-90% of all positive urine cultures are E. coli, the BluEcoli™ Urine Biplate is a fast, easy, and cost effective way of identifying E. coli. The blue color is confirmatory! No further confirmation or indole testing is required.¹

Save time and money by not using an expensive identification system. With the BluEcoli™ Urine Biplate you can select a colony off the blood agar side of the biplate for the susceptibility testing.

Features and Benefits
Readability - E. coli colonies turn a distinct blue color within 16 to 24 hours.³ As an added benefit, mixed cultures are very easy to spot on the chromogenic side.
Confirmatory - No further testing required. A blue color change is confirmatory for E. coli. Found to be 98.5% sensitive and 100% specific for urine specimens.²
Cost Effective - Because the BluEcoli™ Urine Biplate is confirmatory, there is no need for additional expensive identification cards or panels.
Logical - Since 80 to 90% of positive urine specimens are E. coli, this plate is cost effective and saves valuable time.

¹ The performance of a spot indole test alone is not an adequate screen for E. coli, since there are at least 52 species of gram-negative bacilli that grow on MacConkey, are indole-positive and ferment lactose.

¹ Kodaka et al., Journal of Clinical Microbiology, Jan. 1995, p.199-201

³Colonies of the serotype E. coli 0157 which are not usually associated with urinary tract infections are an exception, and will not turn blue on the chromogenic side of the BluEcoli™ Urine Biplate.

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Posted on July 28, 2005