Media Preparation Made Easy

Masterclave M528

Now available exclusively in the UK from Don Whitley Scientific, the AES Masterclave M528 automated media preparator quickly produces agar, broth or diluent in volumes ranging from 5 - 28 litres.

Using multiple heating elements, a rapid cooling system and powerful stirring mechanism, the preparator produces high quality media in 80 to 100 minutes, depending on the quantity required. The software's intuitive user interface allows up to 40 programmes to be created and stored for customised cycles.

Media can be dispensed through connection to any pump, including pourer stackers, gravimetric diluters and peristaltic pumps, via an integral priming tube. At full capacity the M528 can produce 1550 18ml pre-poured Petri dishes, 311 90ml diluent volumes, or 3100 9ml serial dilutions. Optional quick release fittings enable the unit to be easily disconnected and moved to other areas of the laboratory.

Eliminating the need for complicated lid-locking devices, the preparator has a pneumatically assisted, stainless steel lid fitted with a single closing clip, making it easy to open, close and secure. The safety cover has a scratch-resistant surface and a viewing window to allow visibility of the ports and lid while a cycle is in progress.

Every aspect of the operating cycle is completely traceable, as the entire process is electronically controlled and all programme parameters and the cycle graph are displayed on the adjustable control panel. Operator names and batch numbers can also be displayed, and a chart recorder and /or barcode reader can be connected to the unit for monitoring purposes.

DWS offers a full range of UKAS calibration and validation services for autoclaves and media preparators. This service can be included as part of the installation procedure to allow immediate use following training.

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Posted on July 17, 2006