Puritan Enviromax and ESK for Surface Sampling

September 2011 archived news list

Merck millipore introduces its new ez stream vacuum pump for microbiology
Siemens enhances post analytical workflow capabilities of microbiology testing portfolio
Siemens launches syngo lab data manager a complete data management solution
Biomic v3 microbiology system reads liofilchem ast and id products
Mycoplasma qa program for nucleic acid detection techniques
Worlds first elisa based endotoxin detection method
Puritan launches new environmental product line
Gilson launches pipetman lifetime warranty
Accelr8 announces results for rapid diagnostics with icu specimens
A convenient mini cleanroom within your laboratory
Biovigilant submits dmfs for instantaneous microbial detections systems
Synbiosis introduces new acolade manual colony counter
Thermo scientific sterilin indicator autoclave bags eliminate need for autoclave tape
Geniul phast system used for detection of viable protozoa by pcr
Enhanced materials manager capability in qualoupe lims a problem solved
Roka bioscience initiates external trial for aoac certification
M40 transport swabs provide outstanding sample protection
Palls new sentino microbiology pump simplifies microbial analysis
Fecal transport swab enteric microorganisms 2
Foodproof kit quantifies all gm maize with 35s promotor
Cherwell laboratories secures raven biological indicators distributorship
Tired of stylus calibration and long noisy disinfection cycles in spiral plating
Salmonella boot swab kit
Lab ms fungal media range suits wide variety of foodstuffs

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