World's First ELISA-based Endotoxin Detection Method

Hyglos presents EndoLISA®, the world´s first commercially available ELISA-based endotoxin detection method.

EndoLISA® is the result of several years of research and test development aimed at establishing a better performing alternative to LAL. Hyglos has developed and optimized a lipopolysaccharide (LPS) specific phage-derived protein as well as optimal sample conditions, in order to specifically cover the entire substance group of LPS (endotoxin). The phage protein is pre-coated to the wells in a microtiter plate and as the sample is added to the well, the endotoxin (LPS) in the sample is bound to the phage protein. Any sample matrix with potentially interfering components is then completely removed by a washing step. Therefore, the subsequent detection by recombinant Factor C and a fluorescence substrate is thus left unaffected by inhibitors, facilitating a reliable quantification of endotoxin in the sample.

EndoLISA® at a glance:
  • Overcomes limitations of existing methods, such as the need for substantial dilution

  • Reduced matrix effects due to integrated washing step

  • Robust assay with excellent reproducibility

  • Validation studies have shown that EndoLISA® has a much higher tolerance to varying salt conditions as well as chaotropic agents and organic solvents than LAL

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Posted on September 13, 2011