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Cherwell Laboratories Secures Raven Biological Indicators Distributorship

Cherwell Laboratories has taken over the UK distributorship for the Raven range of biological indicators, used for the validation of sterilisation processes. The comprehensive range includes a variety of biological indicators, such as spore strips and suspensions for use with conventional culture media, self-contained biological indicators and industrial use biological indicators. They are available populated by several different species of spores for applications including steam, dry heat, hydrogen peroxide vapour, Ethelyne Oxide (EO), formaldehyde, Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) and gamma irradiation.

Following the decision of M-Tech Diagnostics owners, Martin and Alison London to retire, Cherwell Laboratories has secured the Raven distributorship, complementing Cherwell's existing product range. The two companies have worked together closely over the past few weeks to ensure minimal disruption to supply. With the support of Mesa Laboratories, the manufacturer of the Raven range, Cherwell aims to ensure that all customers continue to receive the expected levels of communication and excellent customer service.

The addition of biological indicators to the Cherwell product range, which includes Redipor prepared culture media for sterility testing, bioburden and biological indicator incubation, plus chemical indicators and DataTrace data loggers, means it can now offer a fully integrated range of products for the validation of sterilisation processes.

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Posted on September 1, 2011