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Microbiology News: 2014 » November

Convenience and ISO formulation are Key to Lab M’s µPrep Success

Lab M Lab M is seeing demand grow quickly for the company’s recently launched µPrep™ Half Fraser Broth ISO (+FAC), a complete primary enrichment broth provided in a ready-to-reconstitute bag for use in the isolation of Listeria spp. from foodstuffs.
Posted: 2014-11-25

Salmonella Enteritidis Outbreak Linked to Bean Sprouts

A multi-state outbreak of Salmonella Enteritidis has been linked to bean sprouts.
Posted: 2014-11-24

Great Basin Submits to FDA for Group B Strep Assay

Great Basin Scientific, Inc., has submitted its Group B Strep assay to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for 510(k) clearance.
Posted: 2014-11-24

Ebola Real-Time PCR Kit - CE Labelled

Available now from Fast-track diagnostics is a CE labelled real-time PCR kit for the detection of the Zaire ebola virus - the strain responsible for the current outbreak in West Africa. Using true 'walk-away' protocols, the Fast-track
Posted: 2014-11-24

Molecular Medical Microbiology Reference Book

Molecular Medical Microbiology is a A three-volume reference book, edited by Drs. Yi-Wei Tang, Max Sussman, Ian Poxton, Dongyou Liu and Joseph Schwartzman
Posted: 2014-11-24

RapidChek Listeria NextDayTM AOAC Cert Extended

RapidChek® Listeria NextDay reducing time for Listeria for certain environmental and food samples from 48 hours to 24-27 hours.
Posted: 2014-11-24

Radiation Resistant Isolate Added to NCIMB

Georgina muralis and Deinobacterium chartae an extremely radiation resistant organism that may be useful in the cleaning up of toxic waste and testing hypotheses about life in extreme environments.
Posted: 2014-11-21

New Hypoxic Workstation for Seahorse Analyzers

Don Whitley Scientific have launched the Whitley i2 Instrument Workstation. This product has been developed in response to a rising number of enquiries from scientists who desire to use Seahorse Extracellular Flux (XF) Analyzers* in hypoxic
Posted: 2014-11-18

Simplified Carbapenemase Screening with CAT-ID™

MBL and KPC-producing isolates will display total resistance to faropenem and no zone is generated around the CAT-ID™ disc. OXA-48-producing isolates form a ‘double zone’ around the CAT-ID™ disc, which features a clear zone with micro-colonies.
Posted: 2014-11-18

Eurofins rapidust® First On-site Test System for Mycotoxins

Without any grinding grain dust is directly extracted and analysed on-site using rapidust® test kits. The results are immediately and reliably calculated for the entire grain lot by the rapidust® app.
Posted: 2014-11-18

Cepheid To Develop Xpert® Ebola Rapid Test

Cepheid currently expects the sample type for Xpert Ebola to be an oral swab or capillary whole blood specimen in order to avoid needle exposure and venipuncture.
Posted: 2014-11-17

'Chicken Juice' Helps Campylobacter Attach to Surfaces

Study shows organic matter or 'chicken juice' helps Campylobacter attachment and emphasises the importance of cleaning food preparation surfaces to reduce the incidence of Campylobacter.
Posted: 2014-11-17

Rapid ID of Nosocomial Infections - GENSPEED® MRSA and C. Diff OneStep

GENSPEED® C.Diff OneStep, toxigenic C. difficile genes for GDH, toxin A, toxin B and binary toxin in one step in less than 90 minutes, qualitative detection of MRSA within 75 minutes from human nasal and pharyngeal smears.
Posted: 2014-11-17

New EFSA Grants for WGS of Foodbourne Pathogens

EFSA grants available for research proposals molecular approaches for identifying and characterising microbial foodborne pathogens, specifically using whole genome sequence (WGS) analysis.
Posted: 2014-11-17

New Software for Monitoring Automated Liquid Handling Performance

ArtelWare enhancements provide greater insight into the performance of each liquid handler as well as overviews of their entire liquid handler population.
Posted: 2014-11-17

Compact Dry: Food Microbiology Made Easier!

R-Biopharm AG Compact Dry is a microbiological testing system which consists of a special dry nutrient pad in a petri dish. Plates can be used everywhere at any time as pads are not reconstituted before the sample implementation and are stable at common temperatures for long periods of time.
Posted: 2014-11-17

New Dry Fog II Cleanroom Decontamination System for UK

Cherwell Cherwell Laboratories will be launching the new Dry Fog II cleanroom decontamination system at the 22nd Pharmig Annual Conference. The stand will feature the Dry Fog II system with associated cleanroom cold sterilants, Minncare and Actril.
Posted: 2014-11-17

Next Generation of Dilutors from INTERSCIENCE

Improve sample preparation times and accuracy with automated addition of the correct volume of diluent for each sample weight.
Posted: 2014-11-11

L. monocytogenes in Mung Bean Sprouts Cause Two Deaths

Listeria monocytogenes in mung bean sprouts is suspected of being the cause of two deaths.
Posted: 2014-11-11

cGMP Accreditation for SGS Italian Lab

SGS offers GMP/GLP- compliant contract testing for microbiology and chemistry in 21 labs in North America, Europe and Asia.
Posted: 2014-11-11

Sartorius Opens New Application Center in Shanghai

Sartorius showcases its entire range of lab instruments and consumables from balances, moisture analyzers, pipettes and water purification systems to filters and products for microbiological testing and quality control
Posted: 2014-11-11

Monitoring Air Cleanliness in Aseptic Processes in the 21st Century

TSI Biotrak TSI’s BioTrak Real-Time Viable Particle Counter detect airborne viable particles in real-time, and per the current EU and US FDA aseptic processing guidance, monitor total particle counts simultaneously, via a single particle monitoring probe.
Posted: 2014-11-11

Researchers Grow Norovirus in Cell Culture

Turns out that norovirus need to have commensal bacteria present to help viral infection of cells, researchers have now been able to grow norovirus in cell culture.
Posted: 2014-11-10

Cleanroom Microbiology - New Book

New book on microbiological aspects of cleanrooms Cleanroom Microbiology is a new book that covers microbiology, engineering and quality issues relating to cleanrooms in pharmaceuticals and healthcare.
Posted: 2014-11-10

Guide Helps Ensure Safety of Dairy Products

The Dairy Solution Guide from Mettler Toledo provides suggestions and solutions for 12 essential analyses for testing incoming raw materials, production monitoring and final product quality control.
Posted: 2014-11-10

Industrial Microbiology Testing Market Worth $6.5 Billion Globally

Strategic Consulting market report industrial microbiology Industrial microbiology market report compares past, current and future microbiology test volumes and market values for food, beverage, pharma, PCP, water and industrial processes.
Posted: 2014-11-06

CDC and Accelerate Diag. Collaborate on Antibiotic-Resistant Biothreat Agents

Accelerate Diagnostics has entered into a research collaboration with the Rapid Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Laboratory at the CDC to develop tests for the rapid analysis of antibiotic-resistant biothreat agents.
Posted: 2014-11-04

Disc Tests for Confirmation of Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae

KPC&MBL&OXA-48 disc kit (acc. to EUCAST) confirms Carbapenemase producing Enterobacteriaceae by measuring synergistic effects of meropenem and inhibitors.
Posted: 2014-11-04

EBOLA or FLU? As the Seasons Collide Which Would you Choose?

MWE Sigma Virocult® has proven to be the number one choice by Virology departments worldwide, demonstrating the survival of numerous viruses at ambient temperatures.
Posted: 2014-11-04

Telstar Increases Production of Class III Safety Cabinets

Telstar Class III Biological Safety Cabinets are designed for working with highly infectious microbiological agents.
Posted: 2014-11-03

MultiSUB Electrophoresis System Used in UK Fight Against Ebola

The Cleaver Scientific multiSUB™ is an easy to use, versatile and flexible system being used by Porton Down research centre for horizontal gel electrophoresis.
Posted: 2014-11-03

Automated Blockage Detection and Cleaning in Microplate Washers

Verify technology uses ultrasonic pulses to determine that the volume dispensed or aspirated per tube meets specified variation limits. Potential blockages are reported.
Posted: 2014-11-03

UK Sets Up Three New Ebola Labs in Sierra Leone

The BBC reports that the UK government has allocated £20m to set up and run three new laboratories in Sierra Leone to help test for the Ebola virus. The labs will be used to test blood samples and swabs for the virus
Posted: 2014-11-03

World’s First Automated Colony ID System for use with CHROMagar™

ProtoCOL 3 system can accurately identify any bacteria or yeast cultured on a CHROMagar plate in less than a minute, saving microbiologists hours of visually inspecting colonies, and manually recording results.
Posted: 2014-11-03

New VI-PAK Barrier Outer Foil Pack for COPAN ESwab™

Copan VI-PAK barrier outer foil packs prevents oxidation, dehydration and protects against direct sunlight, maintaining optimum performance of the medium over its long shelf life.
Posted: 2014-11-03

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