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VACUSAFE and VACUSIP – Aspiration Systems


Manufacturer: INTEGRA Biosciences AG

Principle: Vacuum pump

Automation: Yes

Suitability: Safe aspiration of supernatants and liquid waste

Capital equipment required: Yes


The VACUSAFE and VACUSIP combine vacuum pump, collection bottle, overflow protection and filter in an all-in-one liquid aspiration system. Such closed aspiration systems offer the most effective method for containment of hazardous liquids by maximal personal protection. VACUSIP is the smaller out-of-the-box solution. Its rechargeable battery version increases mobility.

Key Points:
  • Hydrophobic filter prevents aerosols and liquid from entering the system.
  • Automatic shut-off combined with a signal when bottle is full.
  • Quick exchange of waste bottle due to screw cap sealing.
  • Integrated, silent pump for pleasant working.
  • One-button operation to adjust vacuum for simple use.
  • VACUBOY hand operator for convenient aspiration of all kind of liquid.
  • Space saving design for minimal work space consumption.


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