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Microbial RNA Sequencing Service

Microbial RNA Sequencing Service
Microbial RNA Sequencing Service

Principle: Next Generation Sequencing Service

Automation: No

Suitability: Microbial Transcriptomics Analysis

Capital equipment required: No


Microbial RNA sequencing reveals gene expression profiles and describes the continuous variations in the transcriptome. The services encompasses eukaryotic mRNA sequencing and prokaryotic RNA sequencing (coding and non-coding mRNA). It is applied to identify high or low expressors in a single bacterial, viral, or other microbial.

Key Points:
  • Unbiased strand-specific RNA library or cDNA library 
  • Excellent sensitivity for low input RNA
  • High data accuracy and streamlined workflow on state-of-the art platform with short read sequencing strategy
  • Inclusive solutions for quantification, differential gene expression, annotation of novel transcripts, alternative splicing, discovery of fusion gene, and other potential variations


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