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MAS-100 VF

portable air sampler

Principle: Viable air sampler based on volume flow measurement

Automation: Yes

Approvals: Meets ISO 14698-1 and EN 17141

Suitability: Microbial air monitoring

Capital equipment required: Nutrient plate


The MAS-100 VF is the latest version of the portable MAS-100 instruments. It is used for microbiological monitoring of air in research and development, cleanrooms, and other controlled environments where microbiological contaminants have a direct impact on product quality and shelf life. The MAS-100 VF offers the same collection efficiency as the premium version MAS-100 NT and impresses with its compactness and the possibility of instrument configuration via a web browser.

Key Points:
  • Easy cleaning with industry-standard disinfectants
  • Autoclavable and interchangeable hole covers between devices
  • Compatible with different nutrient plates, e.g. ready-to-use 90mm standard, 55mm imprint, or Growth Direct™ plates
  • Speed based air volume flow control
  • EasyClean plate holder
  • Configurable and programmable via common web browsers


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