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MAS-100 Iso NT

MBV MAS-100 Iso NT viable air sampler

Principle: Viable air sampler based on mass flow measurement

Automation: Yes

Approvals: Meets ISO 14698-1 and EN 17141 in ISO Class 5 and GMP Grade A

Suitability: Microbial air monitoring in isolators and RABS

Capital equipment required: Nutrient Plate


The air sampler MAS-100 Iso NT is used for microbiological monitoring of air in isolators and RABS. The collection head with the culture medium plate is located in the housing, while the control unit with electronics and all moving parts is located outside the cleanroom and sucks the air through a tube/hose system. The system is designed for maximum product and environmental protection and can be controlled either manually, via the device display, or fully automatically, via connection to a user interface using various data interfaces.

Key Points:
  • Developed according to GAMP 4, fully validated according to ISO 14698 and EN 17141
  • Can be used in environments of ISO 14644 purity classes 5, GMP Grade A
  • No moving components (e.g. blower) in the enclosure
  • Sequentially switched double valve protects the enclosure from contamination
  • All components in the enclosure are made exclusively of stainless steel
  • Precision seal between perforated cover and collection head without sealing ring facilitates cleaning and disinfection
  • Integrated display for manual operation
  • Disinfection cycle with vaporized or gaseous hydrogen peroxide can be started automatically or manually
  • Optional installation of environmental protection filters for the processing of highly active substances
  • Tested with pipes from collecting head to electronic unit up to 10 m length
  • Compatible with many different nutrient plates e.g. 90mm Petri dishes, Growth Direct™ plates
  • Interchangeable and sterilizable perforated cover 
  • Integrated mass flow sensor with temperature and pressure compensation for ambient air sampling
  • Airflow can be calibrated independently with digital anemometer


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