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C4Hydro LEGIO EZ, Legionella testing kits (by Diamidex)

Legio EZ C4Hydro rapid fast legionella pneumophila easy simple
C4Hydro LEGIO EZ Legionella testing kits

Principle: Rapid detection test for culturable Legionella pneumophila in 48H

Automation: No

Suitability: Medium sample throughput

Capital equipment required: Yes


The Legio EZ range offers rapid solutions for testing and controlling L. pneumophila concentration on site. Based on patented technology, it detects only the culturable L. pneumophila bacteria of all serogroup in 48 hours only instead of 10-14 days in the laboratory. The culture-based method used ensures reliable results.

Two tests are available:

  • Legio EZ Test kit for Hot Water Systems: detects culturable L. pneumophila bacteria of all serogroups at a threshold of 1,000 CFU/L. The Legio EZ-Test kit includes all consumable reagents allowing the testing of any hot water system.
  • Legio EZ Count kit for Air Cooling Towers: detects culturable L. pneumophila bacteria of all serogroups. Provides a semi-quantitative result: less than 1,000 CFU/L, between 1,000 and 100,000 CFU/L or more than 100,000 CFU/L. Compatible with all ACT water types (not dependent upon physical and chemical sample properties).The Legio EZ-Count kit includes all consumable reagents allowing cooling-tower water sampling assay.

Both tests are to be used with the Multi-test equipment: a portable multi-test laboratory allowing to perform up to 6 simultaneous tests. Specifically designed to fit industry-testing needs (3 sampling sites for Air Cooling Towers), the equipment features an incubation program and a temperature recorder for optimal tracking.

Key Points:
  • Fast and reliable results in 2 days
  • On-site and confidential results
  • Simplified scientific protocol: no technical or scientific skills required. A step-by-step guidance is detailed all throughout the implementation.
  • Easy reading of the result: by colorimetric reading of solution absorbance at the end of the test.

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