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ASSIST PLUS - Pipetting Robot

Assist Plus

Principle: Automated Pipetting

Automation: Yes

Suitability: Serial dilutions, reformatting, reagent additions, rapid liquid transfer

Capital equipment required: Yes


ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot puts automated pipetting within reach of virtually every lab – without the need for dedicated personnel or complex programming. Using INTEGRA electronic multichannel pipettes, the system automates pipetting tasks, eliminates physical strain and ensures superior reproducibility and error free pipetting. With ASSIST PLUS, you can streamline your pipetting workflows.

Key Points:
  • Best ergonomics - Automates multichannel pipettes to reduce the strain of manual pipetting
  • Increased reproducibility – constant pipetting angles, tip immersion depths, controlled pipetting speeds and accurate well targeting
  • Optimal pipetting range – Wide range of pipettes from 4 to 16 channels for precise transfers from 0.5 to 1250 µl
  • Fast reformatting – On-the-fly adjustment of tip spacing enables access to various labware types
  • Easy programming – VIALAB software with graphical user interface for intuitive protocol creation


    Laboratory Equipment
Company contact details:

INTEGRA Biosciences AG view full details
CH-7205 Zizers

Website: Visit Website
Tel: +[41] 81 286 95 30

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