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AMP-6000® Butyric Clostridia Enumeration


Principle: Miniaturised MPN Counting system using chromogenic substrates

Automation: Yes

Suitability: Miniaturised MPN Counting system using chromogenic substrates

Capital equipment required: Yes for automated versions


Miniaturised, fully automatable MPN method for the enumeration of butyric clostridia in raw milk and cheese.
New and patented chromogenic media formulation for the selective enumeration of cheese spoiling clostridia

Key Points:
  • Results within 48 hrs
  • Limit of detection 14 spores/ liter
  • Fully automated, semi-automated and manual application available
  • Advanced selectivity
  • Simple protocol
  • Scaleable to customer needs
  • Up to 96 replicates for precise enumeration
  • Ready to use reagents
  • Award winning technology


    Food & Beverage
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