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Test type: Certified Reference Material

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Accelerate Innovation with Custom Reference Materials

Reduce workload and increase efficiency in your laboratories with our custom organic, inorganic, and microbiology reference materials. Spex® CertiPrep is here to help you with exactly what you need. Check out our new online quoting tool to get your custom project started.  

Achieve Confidence in Microbiology Testing

NSI is a globally trusted brand for laboratory quality control standards and proficiency tests. Use of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) and Proficiency Tests (PT) Standards on a routine basis to monitor analytical performance will defensibly document data quality and support accreditation requirements.

Environmental Wastewater Standards

NSI has the standards to support your wastewater testing with full confidence. Unique product concepts include pre-measured, single-use reference materials that prevent laboratory errors and ready-to-use CRMs requiring no preparatory steps to save time and effort.  

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BioPoint Pty Ltd
Biosisto b.v.
Legionella Control International