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14th July 2016  Content supplied by: Lonza

Whitepaper on Endotoxin Testing: It’s Time to Embrace the Alternative

Accepted by the FDA, European Pharmacopeia and other leading regulatory authorities, Lonza's recombinant Factor C method is a recognized, comparable alternative endotoxin detection method to LAL-based assays. Based on the activation of a recombinant form of Factor C, the first component in the horseshoe crab clotting cascade, the PyroGene™ rFC Assay offers the same reliability as an LAL method – without the use of animal resources.

Now available for download, Lonza's whitepaper covers the following topics:

  • The growing demand of a natural resource
  • Benefits of the synthetic version of Factor C
  • How to validate PyroGene™ rFC Assay

Download the White Paper: Endotoxin Testing: It’s Time to Embrace the Alternative

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Date Published: 14th July 2016

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