UTM™ Available This Flu Season

COPAN UTM for Flu Samples

COPAN's media for collection, transport, and maintenance of virus, including the influenza virus, is available since 2004 and validated across the US in numerous laboratories. Despite high seasonal flu levels, COPAN has plenty of UTM™ and it continues to work to ensure uninterrupted supply. Rely on COPAN's UTM™ - don't be fooled by similar products that need to be revalidated.

COPAN manufactures private label UTM™ for Diagnostic Hybrids-Quidel, Millipore, Quest Diagnostics Inc., and labeled as UVT for Becton Dickinson.


Tags: Influenza

Date Published: January 17, 2013

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Copan Diagnostics, Inc.



Email: info@copanusa.com

Tel: +[1] 951-696-6957

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