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21st March 2018  Content supplied by: Cherwell Laboratories Ltd

Top Marks for Cherwell’s Redipor® Prepared Microbial Media Products

Cherwell Laboratories, specialist suppliers of products for environmental monitoring and process validation, announces that a recent customer satisfaction survey has affirmed that the vast majority would recommend Cherwell and its Redipor® microbiological media products to a colleague. Value for money, excellent customer service and product quality were all key factors contributing to the very positive outcome of this survey. These results are evidenced by Redipor’s growing user base within the pharmaceutical and associated industries both domestically and across Europe. Therefore, to accommodate all customers, Cherwell has just released both UK and Euro versions of its 2018/19 RediporPrepared Media price list, now available to download from Cherwell’s website.

Redipor prepared media products scored highly with customers in Cherwell’s recent survey to achieve an impressive Net Promoter Score of +76 (from a range of -100 to +100). Customer comments as to ‘Why Cherwell?’ included: ”The excellent service; great pricing; exceeding expectations with delivery times; helping us out in a crisis; flexibility by preparing bespoke media; pragmatic advice; and realistic timeframes. What more could anyone want?”

Meeting varying customer needs, such as for environmental monitoring, sterility testing and validation applications, the new Redipor price list details the extensive range of ready-to-use culture media available in bottles and plates. Cherwell provides a selection of the most commonly requested types, many of which are available from stock for next day delivery. In addition to those included in the price list, Cherwell offers many other bespoke products which are made to order with short lead times and small minimum order requirements. Discounts are available for high volume and standing orders.

“With customer satisfaction and ease of access in mind, we have laid out our new Redipor price list to enable straightforward reference of ordering information and products,” said Andrew Ramage, Cherwell’s Microbiology Product Specialist. “And if customers can't find exactly what they need, we’d like to hear from them as we frequently adapt to meet specific requirements, be it the media formulation, format, packaging or quantity. We are also very happy to provide rapid quotations and flexible delivery schedules.”

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Date Published: 21st March 2018

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