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31st July 2017  Content supplied by: Priorclave Ltd.

Thermal Printer Gives Better Clarity on Autoclave Sterilisation Cycle

Now available on all new laboratory autoclaves and research grade sterilisers leaving the Priorclave production where a printer is required will benefit from inclusion of a new thermal printer. It offers significant improvements such a better print clarity, there is an option to have data from the sterilising processing cycle print-out once the cycle ends and paper roll change is much easier.

The new thermal printer will be rolled out across the entire Priorclave range of laboratory autoclaves such as benchtop, top loading and all front loading designs including those with cylindrical and rectangular chambers, double-door models and stackable units.

Commenting, Lee Oakley, Sales Directors says, “The new enhancement is the first of a number changes expected to be announce by Priorclave during 2017, enhancements that will improve the customer experience of working with a Priorclave autoclave.”

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Date Published: 31st July 2017

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