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18th October 2023  Content supplied by: Tecan Group Ltd.

Tecan Launches Resolvex® Prep: A Leap Forward in Automated Sample Prep for Chromatography

Tecan has announced the launch of Resolvex Prep, a mid-range, benchtop automation solution for chromatography sample prep. The instrument will enhance the efficiency, accuracy and reliability of chromatography sample prep, with implications for analytical chemistry, proteomics and applications in biomedical research.

Sample preparation for chromatography applications is a critical and technically demanding task. Even minor inconsistencies can have a significant impact on the quality of downstream assays. By automating the process, labs can save time, effort and costs, while enhancing the reliability of their results.

Resolvex Prep is purpose-built for chromatography workflows, and it is especially suitable for LC-MS* sample prep. It can handle a range of batch sizes (from five to 100 samples), making it an ideal solution for medium-throughput labs. It is a cost-effective tool for increasing productivity and sample quality.

Resolvex Prep overcomes several challenges associated with chromatography sample prep by using direct displacement pipetting to avoid the hazards associated with volatile solvents and accommodating sealed sample tubes to prevent evaporation during processing. This automated system also helps to address the current shortage of trained laboratory staff while complying with chain of custody requirements.

A special feature of Resolvex Prep is its combination of high quality, precision-engineered hardware with intuitive, user-centric software, which can be mastered in under an hour. The robust yet flexible set-up maximizes efficiency while minimizing the potential for human error, leading to accurate and dependable results.

We’re very pleased to be launching this new instrument,” said Luca Valeggia, Senior Vice President of Lab Automation at Tecan. “Bringing automation to the critical task of LC-MS sample prep will accelerate progress in a whole range of applications, from MS-based proteomics to biologics quality control, as well as food and environmental testing. It’s another contribution Tecan is making to help scale healthcare innovation globally.”

To highlight its versatility, Resolvex Prep would be a useful addition to analytical laboratories in pharmaceutical, environmental and food and beverage applications, as well as forensics and quality control processes.

To learn more about Resolvex Prep, visit the product landing page at www.tecan.com/resolvexprep or use the Request Information button below.

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Date Published: 18th October 2023

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