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1st November 2022  Content supplied by: Hygiena

SureTrend® Cloud – Innovation for Food Safety Decisions

When it comes to food safety, all facilities must have appropriate testing and action plans in place as part of their HACCP requirements. This means each facility must collect testing data, review it for issues and compare testing over time for trend analysis and risk mitigation. Historically, most of this data was stored in separate files, in different locations, or had to be compiled manually, making it difficult, if not impossible, to react quickly in case of contamination. This resulted in significant costs to a company to identify and correct the issues to prevent a recurrence.

SureTrend® Cloud can help your facility overcome all these challenges. It is an easy-to-use, secure, cloud-based analytics platform that can help consolidate, store and analyze all the technical data within and across facilities. Food manufacturers can use the collective data to make confident decisions and gain peace of mind knowing their facilities are proactively addressing contaminations and minimizing their spread.

SureTrend Cloud empowers food safety and quality managers with actionable data-driven insights necessary to make important business decisions that reduce risk and maximize profit. The platform offers a robust set of dynamic dashboards to visualize and report environmental monitoring, quality and food safety data across multiple facilities.

Three key advantages of SureTrend Cloud are the ability to:

  • Drive Organizational Insight
  • Assess Risks Early
  • Be Audit Ready

This software as a solution (SaaS) allows users to collect, upload, store and visualize complex food safety testing data and gain process intelligence. This consolidated data solution creates a digital food safety and quality ecosystem, simplifying data collection and storage, analyzing data for trending, and streamlining decision-making. In turn, the compiled, analyzed data makes it easy to conduct risk assessments by allowing the identification of trends as soon as they occur. Since the platform stores data, it is easy to review historical trending, using this information to implement changes to improve existing food safety programs. The analytical results can then be re-examined to demonstrate quality improvements or identify areas that need to be addressed for improved quality and safety. Lastly, since all data is cloud-based, authorized personnel can quickly access secure data for audits and other compliance needs.

As an added bonus, any facility can visualize test results by uploading the floor layout using the advanced environmental mapping feature. With the facility layout, users can map test results by location and overlay various test results – ATP monitoring, indicator organism testing, allergen detection, PCR pathogen data – to identify correlations between results. The drag-and-drop interface allows easy placement of data locations and available filters can be used to view only specific data of concern. Furthermore, this software is not only powered by the in-depth expertise of food safety diagnostics experts; it is supported by outstanding Hygiena® customer service and Hygiena Academy training, leading to customer success.

Overall, facilities can gain peace of mind knowing the software can tell them what they need to know from any location. With a single software source accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection, you can assess the health of your facilities in one dashboard with a simple click of a button.

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