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18th November 2019  Content supplied by: Orum International

Study Suggests You Should Be Using a Microbial Air Sampler With Three Aspirating Heads

At the recent 2019 PDA Microbiology meeting, Orum International presented a poster of a study indicating that using an air sampler with 3 aspirating heads, such the TRIO.BAS, will deliver more accurate results vs a single head for airborne microbial detection and monitoring in a sterile medical product manufacturing area.

Features and Benefits of using a Triple Aspirating Head Microbial Air Sampler include:

  • Save time and operator costs by using 2 or 3 different culture media (e.g. TSA and SDA) at the same time

  • Get more statistically valid results by using 2 or 3 replicate media plates (e.g. TSA) at the same time

  • Reduce potential operator contamination by using  2 or 3 plates for continuous monitoring in cleanrooms and isolators as requested by regulatory authorities

  • Get 'at rest' and 'in operation' results using 2 or 3 plates of same culture media as requested by regulatory authorities

  • Achieve Contamination Recovery Rate (CRR) in cleanrooms according to USP by using 2 or 3 plates

  • Save space in cleanroom/isolator by only needing a single air sampling unit instead of two or three units


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Date Published: 18th November 2019

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