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23rd January 2024  Content supplied by: INTEGRA Biosciences AG

Streamlined Lab Integration with INTEGRA’s Electronic and Automated Liquid Handling Solutions

Rapid technological advancements in the life sciences field have made automation a key focus for many laboratories, and INTEGRA Biosciences is proud to provide advanced liquid handling solutions to streamline laboratory protocols. The company offers a  wide range of electronic pipettes, automated pipettes and reagent dispensers that can be seamlessly integrated into a digital or walk-away workflow, improving both productivity and reliability in the lab.

INTEGRA’s innovative products – including VIAFLO electronic pipettes and VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipettes, as well as the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot and WELLJET reagent dispenser – provide more than just compact, precise and cost-effective liquid handling solutions. At the core of the instruments’ capabilities lies a comprehensive application programming interface (API) command set, which enables bi-directional communication via a Bluetooth® or wired connection. This connectivity allows scientists to integrate the individual technologies into a wider, automated workflow, giving them the opportunity to digitally tailor liquid handling programs to their specific requirements and define and execute commands remotely.

Seamlessly integrating INTEGRA products into a connected lab solution opens doors to more efficient liquid handling workflows, saving valuable time and resources, enhancing data traceability, and allowing scientists to stay at the forefront of innovation.

Learn more about how lab integration can be achieved with INTEGRA instruments or click on the Request Information button below to email the supplier directly.

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Date Published: 23rd January 2024

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