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14th September 2015  Content supplied by: Micronic

Space Saving Labware for Sample Storage Facilities

Micronic Screw CapsFor sample storage facilities, each millimetre of freezer space counts. To address the need for compact storage labware - the  Micronic range of low profile screw caps for their 96-well format screw cap storage tubes (0.50ml, 0.75ml, 1.10ml, 1.40ml and 2.00ml) result in space savings of up to 33%**.

The low profile screw cap was designed in conjunction with Professor Thomas Illig from the Hannover Unified Biobank in Germany. He commented “ Micronic's low profile screw cap and screw cap storage tubes offer the perfect high integrity solution for sample storage facilities looking to economize freezer space”.

Micronic low profile screw caps are ideal for biobanks and other laboratory facilities that need a space saving solution for their long-term sample storage at low temperatures. Since the tube height with low profile screw caps is now identical to the tube height with a TPE Cap - the same low profile rack cover can be used for both types of caps increasing operational flexibility for organisations using both types of storage tube closures. Beneficially the low profile screw cap has a Torx10 screw head which makes it ideal for automated storage facilities.

Micronic low profile screw caps are available in 12 colours thereby providing an easy visual identification tool for labs operating cap colour coding practices. The Silicon O-rings around the base of the low profile screw caps produce the most secure seal possible enabling unmatched sample integrity for long-term storage. The unique single twist closing ensures an easy and tight sealing for sample storage tubes. To compliment these products, Micronic also offers a manual low profile screw cap remover that provides a simple and quick way to decap tubes.

For further information please visit or contact Micronic Europe on +31-320-277070, Micronic America on +1-484-480-3372, Micronic Asia on +31-320-277099 or email

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Date Published: 14th September 2015

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