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29th November 2018  Content supplied by: Merck Millipore

Small but Mighty: ReadyPlate™ 55 Ready-to-Use Culture Media

In high-throughput testing of filterable samples, every additional or complex handling step affects the efficiency of your laboratory. Issues that can arise include reproducibility, reliability of results and limited storage space.

The ReadyPlate™ 55 agar plate is a compact, ready-to-use plate which frees up valuable incubator and storage space while also reducing waste. The plates are filled to the top for convenient handling, allowing easy manipulation of the membrane filter to minimize the risk of handling mistakes, eliminate air pockets between the membrane and agar, and reduce false positive results. In addition, the lockable and stackable design means that even if they do fall, mold spores will not be released into the environment, making cross contamination nearly impossible.

Compliant with EN ISO 11133:2014, and released by an ISO 17025 accredited QC lab, these plates also make it easy to stay up-to-date with regulatory requirements.

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Date Published: 29th November 2018

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