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13th September 2022  Content supplied by: INNOVAPREP

Simplify Water and Wastewater Sample Prep: One-step Sample Clean Up and Microbial Concentration

InnovaPrep® offers flexible solutions for concentrating waterborne pathogens from water and wastewater. Whether you require a small instrument that fits in a biosafety cabinet or a highly portable solution for field use, our FluidPrep™ line can help you detect threats faster and with greater sensitivity.

The CP Select™ System, a rapid bio-concentrator and consumables, excels in recovering bacteria, parasites, molds, fungal spores and fragments, whole cells and viruses from large volumes of liquid. The one-pass method replaces traditional, laborious sample prep methods, using robust filtration and a patented rapid elution process to reduce inhibitors. It delivers a sample ready for detection by any analysis method – including PCR and sequencing – with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

When detection of trace contamination is of the highest importance, the CP Select™ system excels and offers the ability to:

  • Process turbid or treated waters without centrifugation or enrichment
  • Rapidly clean and concentrate large volumes
  • Reduce steps in the workflow
  • Perform remote environment via an optional battery pack

…all in a portable, small footprint to fit in a biosafety cabinet or in the field.

InnovaPrep® is also excited to introduce the FluidPrep™ Prefilter, an innovative, new solution for quickly removing fouling debris from wastewater and other turbid environmental sample matrices while concentrating samples with the CP Select™ system for analysis.

When combined with the CP Select tips, the prefilter:

  • Allows simultaneous clean-up and microbial concentration
  • Reduces inhibitors in real-world sample matrices
  • Maintains rapid flow rates with large sample volumes


…Available in 0.9um and 25 um sizes to suit your needs

InnovaPrep technologies are used by water and wastewater treatment plants, commercial testing labs, and public health labs for fast and easy concentration of indicator organisms and waterborne pathogens including bacteria, phages and viruses, and protozoa.

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Date Published: 13th September 2022

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