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7th January 2014  Content supplied by: 

SeraCare Introduces New Cytomegalovirus (CMV) DNA

SeraCare Life Sciences who provide biological materials that help optimize diagnostic performance, reliability and repeatability across the IVD lifecycle, have a new CMV DNA AccuSpan™ Linearity Panel. This new offering is a nine member panel made from serial dilutions of a cultured virus with established reactivity for CMV DNA.

The CMV DNA AccuSpan™ Linearity Panel consists of seven positive members representing serial log dilutions of cultured virus in CMV DNA negative diluent, one negative member prepared from the diluent, and one member of diluent to perform additional dilutions as desired. The results of the CMV test were calibrated to the WHO International CMV Standard for Nucleic Acid Amplification Techniques and show a nearly 1:1 linearity.

“Being able to offer this new, robust linear challenge panel for quantifying CMV viral load means our end users can obtain improved data that will ultimately aid in their research,” said Christopher Long, Product Manager at SeraCare. “And because regulatory bodies require dilutions performed in a lab be made with the same diluent as the panel, we knew it was imperative to add an extra diluent so end users could perform sensitivity challenges on their own, in their labs.”

SeraCare’s new CMV DNA AccuSpan™ Linearity Panel is available immediately worldwide.

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Date Published: 7th January 2014

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