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24th February 2023  Content supplied by: Liofilchem s.r.l.

Selective Medium for Enumeration of Yeasts and Moulds

Rapid Y/M Agar is a medium used for selective isolation and enumeration of yeasts and moulds from food, animal foodstuffs, water and environmental samples. The medium formulation allows accelerated detection compared to other media commonly recommended for the cultivation of yeasts and moulds. Unlike DRBC and DG18, which are used for high (ISO 21527-1) and low (ISO 21527-2) water activity products, respectively, Y/M Agar can be used with samples regardless of their level of water activity.

90 mm plates, 20/pack
Ref. 10456
6 months shelf life
2-8°C storage temperature

200 mL bottle, 6/pack
Ref. 412470
12 months shelf life
2-8°C storage temperature

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Date Published: 24th February 2023

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