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11th July 2019  Content supplied by: Culture Media Concepts

SampleReady® Pre-Weigh Soluble Media Pouches

Media preparation has never been easier. SampleReady® Soluble Pouches offer a convenient packaging system for dehydrated culture media. SampleReady® Soluble Pouches provide the same performance as bulk powder with the advantages of gamma irradiated, pre-weighed, unit dose quantities to make media preparation fast and easy. SampleReady® complies with ISO, AOAC, BAM, and USDA media preparation guidelines.

  • No weighing dehydrated culture media
  • No autoclaving required with sterile water (use aseptic technique in a clean room environment)
  • No media powder dust
  • No degradation of culture media (pouches are hermetically sealed in mylar bags)
  • More efficient use of personnel

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Date Published: 11th July 2019

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