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24th January 2022  Content supplied by: R-Biopharm AG

RIDASCREEN® Gliadin ELISA: First International Test with the Designation “all food”

Did you know that gluten may also be present in fruit juice and fish sticks? Cereal protein gluten is frequently used to maintain the form of drinks and convenience meals. As a result, many of these goods include the warning label “May contain traces of gluten.” Our R-Biopharm RIDASCREEN® Gliadin (Art. No. R7001) ELISA now has an internationally unique label for detecting gluten in a variety of meals.

Wheat flour bread, spelt rolls, or burgers… individuals with gluten sensitivity (celiac disease) regret consuming these things subsequently. This is due to the fact that gastrointestinal issues such as stomach discomfort or nausea are symptoms of this hereditary disposition, for which no medicine is available.

This emphasizes the need of having labels on containers showing whether items contain gluten or are gluten-free – the crossed-out ear of corn is an illustration of the latter.

Testing and allergy control help to lower the risk

It becomes harmful, however, when food becomes contaminated as a result of interaction with gluten-containing food. This might be buckwheat flour that was kept adjacent to wheat bread and became contaminated due to dust.

Or in a restaurant where wheat flour is prepared in the same room as gluten-free meals. To limit the danger of contamination, allergy management is required, which includes hygiene norms and regulations as well as testing. R-Biopharm advocates testing at every important phase of food manufacturing and working with suppliers to coordinate this.

The world’s first “for food” test in general

R-Biopharm has the perfect test for food manufacturers and service laboratories. The AOAC has designated our RIDASCREEN® Gliadin (Art. No. R7001) as for “all food” in general, making it the only and first test in the world.


  • Tested in a variety of food categories
  • Detects gluten in flour, pasta, bread items, convenience meals, spices, sausage, ice cream, and drinks, among other things.
  • Gluten is detectable in all processing settings, including hot, baked, and cooked foods.


Every place and purpose has its own set of tests

R-Biopharm provides a diverse range of gluten testing. These cover all needs, whether they are carried out on-site without a laboratory or tested in one. An overview may be found here.

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Date Published: 24th January 2022

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