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27th September 2022  Content supplied by: bioMérieux (Industry)

Revolutionary Mycoplasma Testing with Next Gen PCR

BIOFIRE® Mycoplasma: simple and reliable 1 hour at-line mycoplasma testing, maximizing efficiency while saving costs

Able to perform extraction, amplification and detection that typically requires several larger instruments, the BIOFIRE® Mycoplasma next generation nucleic acid test delivers accurate mycoplasma detection in less than an hour.   

As an at-line test, our simple 3-step workflow with only 2 minutes of hands-on time can be performed by anyone, anywhere, at anytime, and makes it easy to quickly confirm the absence of mycoplasma without the use of expensive molecular laboratories. Thanks to its easy-to-use, closed test system and automated result interpretation, data integrity is assured.

Maximize operational efficiency and save costs by moving mycoplasma testing out of the lab and closer to production with the BIOFIRE® Mycoplasma system. 

  • Learn in this video how the BIOFIRE® Mycoplasma “molecular lab in a pouch” allows virtually anyone to test for mycoplasma anywhere, at any time:

  • Read the Whitepaper “Easy 1 hour Mycoplasma detection in Bioproduction samples” to learn how BIOFIRE® Mycoplasma from bioMérieux allows at-line testing with results in less than 1 hour: Download the White paper here.

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Date Published: 27th September 2022

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