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16th January 2020  Content supplied by: INTEGRA Biosciences AG

Reproducibly Improve Magnetic Bead DNA Clean-Up with INTEGRA’s Pipetting Solutions

Magnetic beads are an efficient way to clean up nucleic acid samples, but most protocols involve many wash and transfer steps, which can be tedious and time consuming to carry out manually. INTEGRA Biosciences’ innovative pipetting solutions are the perfect partner for magnetic purification protocols, allowing the user to reproducibly obtain high yields for a variety of downstream applications - including PCR, NGS, Sanger sequencing, immunoprecipitation, cloning and microarrays.

INTEGRA offers a range of pipetting solutions to support maximum sample recovery with magnetic beads. The ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot and VIAFLO 96/384 handheld electronic pipette help the user to perform multistep protocols quickly, efficiently and reproducibly, and both benefit from unmatched ergonomics, eliminating the risk of repetitive strain injuries associated with intensive mixing steps and repeated tip ejection. 

The VIAFLO 96/384 is perfectly suited to sample clean-up, allowing an entire 96 or 384 well plate to be purified in a fraction of the time it would take with a traditional pipette. This affordable, compact and easy to use solution increases your throughput and reproducibility, with interchangeable pipetting heads to suit the plate format and volume range of each application.

The ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot automatically carries out reagent transfer, mixing steps and tip changes. This precise and careful handling of magnetic beads leads to superior reproducibility and consistency, as well as ensuring optimal timing for every incubation step. Any of INTEGRA’s 25 electronic multichannel pipettes - including the VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipette and the VIAFLO electronic pipette - can be used with the ASSIST PLUS, for complete application flexibility. Programs can be set up in the VIALAB pipette automation software, and the parameters can be easily fine-tuned for consistent results.

These pipetting solutions can also be combined with INTEGRA’s Low Retention GripTips. These work by retaining less liquid compared to standard tips, ensuring that beads and sample are not lost and that dispenses are as accurate as possible.

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Date Published: 16th January 2020

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