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29th October 2013  Content supplied by: Giles Scientific

Remote Access for BIOMIC® V3 Microbiology System

Giles Scientific customers can now remotely access BIOMIC V3 from additional computers in the lab network. This new feature provides significant labor savings as customers can instantly review test and QC results, reports, and plate images from any office or workstation in the lab.

BIOMIC V3 completes the automation in the microbiology lab by reading antibiotic disk diffusion following CLSI/EUCAST/BSAC guidelines, Etest (bioMerieux), MIC Test Strips (Liofilchem) and 96-well microtiter plates. BIOMIC V3 also automates API® (bioMerieux), RapIDTM (Remel), BBLTM CrystalTM (BD), Liofilchem® ID Systems, colony count and chromogenic agar plates.

Bar code entry and a 2-Way LIS/LIMS interface optimizes lab workflow. BIOMIC V3 serves as a primary or secondary AST-ID system for microbiology laboratories.


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Date Published: 29th October 2013

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