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Recorded Webinar: Endotoxin Masking - Low Endotoxin Recovery

Recently the problem of low endotoxin recovery and masking has become an issue in the pharmaceutical industry. Now available via Concept Heidelburg is The European Compliance Agency GMP Webinar originally recorded on 25 Sept 2014 - the speaker Johannes Reich, University Regensburg, Germany covers current issues and solutions for Low Endotoxin recovery.

€ 149.- plus VAT for ECA / EQPA members
€ 199.- plus VAT for non-ECA Members

To register for the recorded webinar Endotoxin Masking - Low Endotoxin Recovery go to: www.gmp-compliance.org/daten/seminarpdf.archiv/10325_Webinar_Recording.pdf

Tags: Endotoxin

Date Published: October 7, 2014
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