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28th April 2014  Content supplied by: Vivione Biosciences

RAPID-B Test for non-O157 Shigatoxigenic E.coli in Beef

Vivione Biosciences Inc. have received a USDA FSIS Letter of No Objection (LNO) for its RAPID-B non-O157 Shigatoxigenic group of Escherichia coli (STEC) Test Kit, intended for the rapid screening of beef trim and ground beef that may contain O-antigen positive non-O157 STEC.

The Test Kit is used with Vivione’s RAPID-B platform and is designed to provide companies with a faster result than existing options. Testing is accomplished by adding RAPID-B proprietary reagents to an enriched sample and then running the sample on the RAPID-B instrument. Analysis of the sample by the instrument is accomplished in minutes. The decision to adopt a new diagnostic testing platform is a serious decision for any company and the process needs to be absolutely trustworthy. Today’s USDA FSIS designation enables companies to acquire and deploy the RAPID-B process with complete confidence that RAPID-B meets some of the world’s toughest, most demanding testing standards. The LNO process involves the assessment of key platform parameters to ensure satisfactory performance and the ability to consistently produce accurate results.

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Date Published: 28th April 2014

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