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26th November 2020  Product update: ProGnosis Biotech S.A

Rapid Antigen Test for COVID-19: Prevent the Virus from Spreading!

Rapid Test Ag 2019-nCov is a lateral flow test with high sensitivity for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigen (nucleocapsid protein) in nasopharyngeal swab specimens.

The test helps to rapidly identify infected individuals, enabling prompt clinical decisions and preventing a potential virus outbreak. Rapid Test Ag 2019-nCov is an effective tool for large-scale testing; it does not require any special instrument and can be used in all types of premises. A simple method that produces real-time results in 15 mins!

Clinical Performance Characteristics

In a clinical performance study conducted with 548 specimens (confirmed priorly with RT-PCR assay), the Rapid Test Ag 2019-nCov showed: 95.56% sensitivity & 99.56% specificity.

Applications of Rapid Test Ag 2019-nCov:

  •  Healthcare
  •  Ports of entry
  •  Working & operating environments
  •  Appropriate for mass screening

The test has received the CE-IVD mark and therefore is approved for diagnostic use in the E.U

Lateral flow in dipstick format, available in 10 and 30 test sticks

Test should only be conducted by medical personnel

Watch the testing procedure:

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Date Published: 26th November 2020

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