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QC Microorganisms Simplifying Microbiology Control and Eliminating Prep Work

Stratix Labs has unveiled Instant Inoculator™ QC microorganisms, a novel ready-to-use product that delivers reference microorganisms to solid media with a simple one-step method. Each device comes individually sealed with authentic reference microorganisms coated and preserved on the applicator region. 

Using patent-pending technology, the Instant Inoculator™ directly transfers isolated colonies to solid media. It requires no preparation, no rehydration, and no liquid handling. Simply spread the Instant Inoculator™ on solid media for 5-10 seconds to deliver an ideal spread of isolated colonies.

"By eliminating all prep work, including rehydration and liquid handling steps, Instant Inoculator™ is positioned as the easiest and simplest way to work with reference microorganisms. And with its one-step direct transfer method, it reduces the opportunity for error and contamination in microbiology testing workflows," said Stratix Labs CEO Mark Mulvahill. 

Reference microorganisms are a crucial part of microbiology testing, including in quality control for clinical, pharmaceutical, medical device, food & beverage, cosmetic, and dietary supplement industries.

"We set out to create a product that simplifies microbiology testing across industries. As a company founded by microbiologists, we know that increasing efficiency and reducing risk of error is important. With Instant Inoculator™ we’ve set the bar for the easiest way to use reference microorganisms in microbiology applications," said Mulvahill.

Instant Inoculator™ is designed for use with solid media, including traditional agar plates as well as alternative systems such as dry sheet media for culturing microorganisms. A variety of reference strains are available in the Instant Inoculator™ format and Stratix Labs is rapidly expanding the list of available strains. Stratix Labs invites requests for new reference strains or environmental isolates in the Instant Inoculator™ format. 

The ATCC trademark and trade name and any and all ATCC catalog numbers are trademarks of the American Type Culture Collection. The identity, purity, and authenticity of Stratix Labs products are the exclusive responsibility of Stratix Labs Corporation. 

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Date Published: 15th November 2021

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