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26th August 2019  Content supplied by: Puritan Medical Products Company

Puritan Medical Products Are a Major Presence in Guilford, Maine.

Puritan Medical Products are proud to feature as part of the cover story of the latest edition of MaineBiz, the go-to source for in-depth reporting on the Maine economy.

MaineBiz are carrying the newstory "Homegrown jobs: Manufacturing remains a significant employer in Piscataquis County"  which informs the reader what a signifant employer Puritan Medical Devices are in the county of Maine.

Of the four largest employers in the county of 17,000, three are manufacturers.  At the top is Puritan Medical Products and a sister company, Hardwood Products Co., which combined employ 550.

Located in Guilford and celebrating it's 100th year in town Puritan Medical Products today makes more than 1,200 types of swab and single-use sample collection devices for the medical, diagnostics, microbiology, forensics and other industries.

Read the full story here or find out about Puritan's extensive product range 

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Date Published: 26th August 2019

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