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27th May 2019  Content supplied by: Priorclave Ltd.

Priorclave Launches New Autoclave Controller


All laboratory autoclaves and research sterilisers leaving the Priorclave design and manufacturing centre in the UK are now fitted with a new, technologically advanced controller.  This is a significant up-grade; the new user interface features a hi-res digital display screen and offers a more streamlined approach to programming the sterilising settings. 

The new TACTROL®3 controller presents to the user a crystal clear LCD display and provides a more simplistic approach to function settings yet still retains the simple to use day to day operation of previous versions with Start, Vent and Door buttons.  Overall this gives more precise control and delivers information on cycle process to achieve the ultimate in sterilisation performance.

In addition Tactrol®3 controller offers full setting security, managed with passcodes and a manual key-switch, making it ideal for environments where pre-programs need to be kept tamperproof.   These would include pharmaceutical, food and beverage, dairy as well as critical research centres. 

Once the screen has been accessed by pressing the ‘OK’ button, settings can be easily altered using left and right arrows.  Through the quick-view menu lab staff are able to ‘enable’ or ‘disable’ such functions as Load-sense, freesteaming, media warming, delayed start and vacuum settings.

Settings and viewing of functions are simply accessed through a five key pad and displayed on the high resolution LCD display panel, the display is not touchscreen type. This has significant advantages for laboratory sector since settings can be made and checked without having to remove protective gloves. 

This latest controller is fitted as standard on all Priorclave laboratory autoclaves and research sterilisers including benchtop autoclaves, top and front loading machines, powerdoor, pass-through and stackable autoclaves.

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Date Published: 27th May 2019

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